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Netherlands Accounting and Financial Report Services

Netherlands Accounting Services

Accounting services
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Netherlands is a world-class business country. The main advantages of the country are supportive corporate tax structure, highly educated, multilingual workforce, and superior logistics and technology infrastructure.

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A company is required to maintain accounting records to determine the financial position of the company at any time. As regards the location of the accounting, there are no special regulations. The accounting can be done in any country, but the records must be made available within a reasonable time upon request. A company may decide not to keep records in euros, but to maintain its own functional currency as well as chosen language.

Depending on the company size the company may be required to submit the following:

  • Balance sheet and notes;
  • Profit and loss account and notes;
  • Special requirements regarding notes to the financial statements;
  • Other.

The financial statements must be prepared and made generally available within four months after year end. Penalties for noncompliance that may be imposed on a director.


We provide both full and partial online accounting services. Trusting us with the numbers will give you more free time to grow your business.

Offshorelicense  Accounting team would ensure both that you meet your reporting requirements and that you are compliant with the local legislation.

Accounting services provided by Offshorelicense Accounting team also include:

  • Preparation of financial reports;
  • Creation and submission of annual financial statements;
  • Report submission to the tax authorities;
  • Virtual assistance with any questions regarding taxation in Netherlands;
  • Other Accounting services.

* - The stated amount is a starting price for 1 year of professional Accounting services.

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