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As the geography of Gibraltar does not allow for various activities, one of the main sources of Economic growth and income in Gibraltar is considered e-gaming services.

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The main factors of economic growth in Gibraltar can be attributed to general trade, the provision of financial services and communications (including e-gaming), tourism and maritime activities.The companies of Gibraltar can also be thankful for the ease of business account opening. 

Some other convenient features that allows the country to stand out on international market are:

  • The exempt certificate that gives 25 years guarantee of exemption from taxes in Gibraltar;
  • The only EU finance centre exempt from value added tax (VAT).

However, at the same time as a British Overseas territory, Gibraltar undertakes similar reporting standards as The United Kingdom as the company should submit Annual Return statement, Annual Accounts and Tax returns.


We provide both full and partial online accounting services. Trusting us with the numbers will give you more free time to grow your business. Offshorelicense Accounting team would ensure both that you meet your reporting requirements and that you are compliant with the local legislation. 

The companies in Gibraltar, you may encounter the following deadlines:

  • Income Tax and Social Insurance must be deducted as per the individuals tax code and remitted to this office by no later than the 15th day of every month;
  • Forms of declaration and contributions should be submitted by 31st July of every tax year;
  • A Complete Tax Return should be submitted within nine months after the end of their financial period.

Accounting services provided by Offshorelicense Accounting team also include:

  • Preparation of financial reports;
  • Creation and submission of annual financial statements;
  • Report submission to the tax authorities;
  • Virtual assistance with any questions regarding taxation in Gibraltar;
  • Other Accounting services.

* - The stated amount is a starting price for 1 year of professional Accounting services.

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