Forex, Crypto and Offshore Industry News

Recently Mthuli Ncube, the new minister of Finance in the Republic of Zimbabwe has stated that it is in the country’s interest to enforce Bitcoin at a national level,similar to the way Switzerland does. Referring to ... Read more >>
An interview with Polymath CEO Trevor Koverko is a slightly surreal experience. I’ve had meetings with key political figures that were easier to coordinate–and without having to cut through a swathe of adoring crowds requesting to ... Read more >>
The Cayman Islands is an enormous international financial center and a leading hub for international investments. This status of the Cayman Islands is due to its compliant and effective laws, easily accessible professional service ... Read more >>
Many technological strides have been made over the last couple of decades. Advancement in technology is becoming faster and faster as each year passes by and many technologies to improve work efficiency, communication, and ... Read more >>
The Bahamas has announced two newly drafted guidance documents for financial services companies regarding prevention of financial crimes. The first of them – “Guidance Note on Financial Crime Risk Management” – is... Read more >>
We all know that news reporting is never truly objective. Political bias in news reporting is so well-known and entrenched that we even select our preferred news outlets based on our political views. Over recent years, it has also been ... Read more >>
Mauritius is one of the main International Financial Services Centre which grants two most common forms of business to international clients, specifically the Category One Global Business ... Read more >>
Blockchain technology continues to see expansion into every business sector, including the education system. The added efficiency and security of implementing of a blockchain protocol is undeniable. ... Read more >>
Any business is vulnerable to getting sued at any time – whether it is a small business, a startup, or a huge enterprise – which is why it is imperative that a business has sound legal defense. Litigation can cost a business money, time, and its... Read more >>

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