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Forex, Crypto and Offshore Industry News

Russian government is actively discussing the idea of allowing cryptocurrency trading. The country’s major crypto bill on “Digital Financial Assets" is already being drafted, and Deputy Minister of ... Read more >>
An Israeli court has recently ruled that bitcoin is an asset and not legal currency. This is crucial a decision since it means profits earned selling cryptocurrency will now be liable to capital gains tax. Lod’s Central ... Read more >>
The Hong Kong Monetary Authority (HKMA) has recently stated that it is issuing four more virtual banking licenses, bringing the total number of virtual banking license owners to eight. This means that the overall number of ... Read more >>
Hong Kong brokers may target Mainland customers unlawfully. The Securities and Futures Commission (SFC) has recently published a statement warning brokers in relation to conducting business in mainland China.... Read more >>
The recent changes into the Cyprus Investment Program (CIP) rushed Russian citizens to buy immovables on the island. Demand analysis in the first quarter of the year shown 40.43% upsurge. Amendments to the CIP were announced ... Read more >>
As you may know, not so long ago the Republic of the Marshall Islands announced the establishment of Sovereign coin (SOV), a national coin that currently being under active development. ... Read more >>
With the upcoming end date of EU-wide product intervention measures on July 30, 2019, national regulators are seriously contemplating the implementation of their own rules. The Cyprus Securities and Exchange ... Read more >>
Russia is still actively considering the question of whether cryptocurrency should be regulated at the government level. The head of nation's central bank said that the country is planning to create a gold-backed cryptocurrency in... Read more >>
During the last few days, a lot of news related to "new" legislation in Estonia began to appear on the Internet. One of the main sources of such information was the local consulting firm ESTI. According to their report, ... Read more >>

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