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    • Industrial design rights are granted to the design creator, enabling him to produce items, to which the design applies, and preventing others from making or selling products bearing the same design. Industrial design protection applies solely to the non-functional features of an object such as shape, surface, pattern, colour, etc., which means that it does not protect any technical or functional features of a product. Learn more
    • In most countries an industrial design has to be registered with a local Intellectual Property (IP) Office, so that it could be protected from copying under the Industrial Design Law. In addition, there is a so-called “grace period” in some countries, which allows the design owners to file an application for an industrial design registration after their design has been disclosed to the public. This period is usually from 6 to 12 months from the date of disclosure. If you are seeking for a protection worldwide, you shall use World Intellectual Property’s (WIPO’s) Hague System, which offers a practical solution for registering up to 100 industrial designs in 66+ territories via filing a single international application online or to a local Intellectual Property (IP) Office. Learn more
    • A patent for invention is the grant of an exclusive property right to the inventor, preventing others from copying the patented product and making it enforceable against infringers. Protection of the product or process within the local market by applying for a patent is the initial first step to international protection of the invention. Learn more
    • Filing a single international patent application has the same effect as filing national applications in more than 150 Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) contracting states. If you are seeking patent protection abroad, all you need to do is to file an application to a local patent Office, because granting of international patents remains under the control of the regional patent Office in what is called “national phase". Learn more
    • Protection of the trademark locally is the first step to international protection of the trademark. Learn more
    • The worldwide registration of Trademarks is protected and regulated by Madrid System (International Trademark System). Through Madrid System it is possible to file an application for trademark registration and to apply for protection in up to 114 countries. Learn more
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