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Open Corporate FAB Bank Account

Fidelity Asia Bank Account Opening

Starting from

Fidelity Asia Bank (FAB) is a wholly owned offshore banking subsidiary of the Fidelity Bank Group and is licensed by the Labuan Offshore Financial Services Authority of Malaysia.

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Account opening:  7-14 working days


Fab Banking offers a lifelong partnership dedicated to giving banking solutions that will work in time to help your business succeed.

FAB seeks to drive trade and investments between the thriving and resource-hungry Asian economies and the resource-rich African continent. They aim to do this by forging trade links, building market liquidity, establishing banking services and providing financing and investment funds to targeted sectors of Africa, Asia and the Middle East.

The bank offers Syndicated Loans, Term Debt, Working Capital Support, Multi-Currency Accounts, Online Banking Services, Escrow Services and Advisory Services.

Starting from: €3,500
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Facts&Info for Fidelity Asia Bank Account Opening

Rates and Charges

Payment processing options

MasterCard, Visa


  • Bank may change its tariffs at any time thus please visit bank’s website or contact us in order to receive updates, on specific charges or fees please contact us or bank.
  • Bank may additionally charge for any other supplementary services.
  • Above listed fees or any other additional fees, charges or commissions that may be required by bank are not part of our professional fees for assistance of opening a bank account.

The bank offers range of services and products

  • Personalised account service
  • Savings & term deposits
  • International wire transfers
  • Treasury& Foreign Exchange services
  • Card services
  • Trading services
  • Online Banking

Please provide us with the following documents

Each Beneficial owner, shareholder, director, authorised signatory and secretary must provide:

  • Notarized copy of valid passport. (Please see N.B. below)
  • Notarized copy of 2nd ID
  • A copy of proof of residential address (ex. Bank statement utility bill that is not older than 3 months)
  • Optional: Power of Attorney (where applicable)
  • Optional: CV


A Bundle of certified and apostilled documents:

  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • Minutes of First Meeting
  • Share Certificates
  • Memorandum and Articles of Associations
  • Documents that approves the designation of company’s directors and secretary (if applicable)
  • Declaration of Trust
  • Agreement for Nominee Provision Services (if applicable)
  • Document address of the registered office
  • Optional: Valid License (if applicable)

If director or shareholder is a legal person (corporate officer)

A Bundle of certified and apostilled documents:

  • Copy of corporate documents (Certificate of Incorporation, Articles of Association, etc.)
  • Copy of company register (that must consist of Shareholders, Directors and Secretary)
  • Certificate of Incumbency
  • Certificate of Good Standing


  • Passport must have signature of holder and it must be identical to one in the application form. Please also ensure that photo is clear. If signature is located other than on the page where is photo and details of person, then please provide additional copy of that particular page.

  • If documents are not in English language, then they must be accompanied by a notarized translation.

  • Any shortcomings in application forms may cause delay affect the bank account opening time.

  • The list of required documents is indicative documents checklist and additional documents may be requested by the bank.