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LPB Bank Account Opening

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LPB Bank provides banking products and services for private and corporate customers in Latvia, EU member states, and internationally.

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Account opening: 7-14 working days


One of LPB bank's priorities is the safekeeping and protection of its own and its Customers business reputation, by eliminating the involvement of the Bank in money-laundering and terrorism financing.

That is why the Bank, on a regular basis, carries out measures to prevent money-laundering and terrorism financing in order to ensure that Customer account operations are in compliance with the requirements of Latvian legislation and the international standards in this area.

LPB Bank was founded in 2008.

Starting from: €1,500
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Facts&Info for LPB Bank Account Opening

Rates and Charges

Payment processing options



  • Bank may change its tariffs at any time thus please visit bank’s website or contact us in order to receive updates, on specific charges or fees please contact us or bank.
  • Bank may additionally charge for any other supplementary services.

The bank offers range of services and products

  • Personalised account service
  • Savings & term deposits
  • International payroll services
  • Card services
  • Online Banking
  • Multicurrency Deposit Accounts
  • Financial Escrow services

Please provide us with the following documents

  • Notarized copy of valid passport. (Please see N.B. below)
  • Original or notarized copy of utility bill / bank statement dated within 3 months as verification of residential address.
  • Original or notarized copy of Banker's reference letter dated within 3 months.
  • Personal CV


  • Passport must have signature of holder and it must be identical to one in the application form. Please also ensure that photo is clear. If signature is located other than on the page where is photo and details of person, then please provide additional copy of that particular page.
  • If documents are not in English language, then they must be accompanied by a notarized translation.
  • Any shortcomings in application forms may cause delay affect the bank account opening time.
  • Additional documents may be requested by the bank.