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In 2020 Starbucks will allow you to buy coffee using Bitcoin

Oct 31, 2019

Some argued that without integrating digital assets in the daily activities of people, cryptocurrency will not go mainstream. Well, 2020 will be the year when thousands of people will be able to buy their coffee paying with cryptocurrency.

The largest coffeehouse chain Starbucks entered into a partnership with Bakkt, a digital assets trading platform, to allow its customers to pay for a coffee using Bitcoin. Bakkt is launching a crypto consumer app and merchant portal to enable cryptocurrency transactions for retail customers.

Bakkt’s objective is to build a trusted ecosystem where consumers and merchants would have secure access to digital assets. It is safe to say that Bakkt’s cooperation with Starbucks is a smart move. The coffeehouse chain has about 30,000 stores globally and people nowadays are really into the coffee culture.

Prior to this, Starbucks has already brought up plans on crypto payments, however, the process was halted. Also, Bakkt has faced various challenges including a slow setup and delays in project launches. Although this time, the giant coffee company and crypto assets exchange company have every chance to realize the project.

Admitting that integrating Bitcoin in the daily activities sounds cool, there might be some downsides though. Experts argue that traditional payment platforms execute payments faster than those based on blockchain. Additionally, volatility of Bitcoin may bring losses to retailers and consumers. Nonetheless, the upcoming project will allow people to spend Bitcoins at the nearest coffeehouse and this sounds great.

The project reportedly will be launched by mid-2020 and other retailers will likely follow the lead of Starbucks and Bakkt. So, if you don’t where to spend your Bitcoins – buy a coffee!

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