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Did Cayman become a top choice for blockchain business?

Mar 07, 2018

Last couple of years confirmed that the Cayman Islands is one of the top jurisdictions for innovative fintech business. Why is that so? In February 2018, Cayman Premier, Alden McLaughlin, confirmed that statistically, Cayman is now in top-three countries for blockchain entrepreneurs. Since 2012, the special tax-free economic zone, Cayman Enterprise City, functions in Cayman by attracting start-ups that use decentralized register technology. To be specific, nearly 40 blockchain companies are set-up in an attractive jurisdiction.

What can we expect from the Cayman territory in the future? Fintech start-ups are popular now among the young entrepreneurs, and there is a tendency for Cayman to become a top jurisdiction for these businesses. Representative of the Cayman Finance stated that development of the blockchain and other fintech business branches currently stands for a number one priority in 2018. Cayman could become a great place for innovations and representatives of the financial regulator consider this as a very credible outcome.

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