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Five reasons why you should incorporate Delaware LLC

Dec 13, 2018

Making a decision where to form or incorporate a company is not an easy task. Several factors must be considered before making the final settlement, such as location, incorporation costs, and tax conditions. It’s important to consider all of the advantages your country or state of incorporation may offer.

Today we would like to draw attention to Delaware, a small US state, but very important in the world of enterprises. It is worth mentioning that nearly half of the US publicly traded companies are incorporated in Delaware.

Incorporating in Delaware holds many advantages, here are the most notable ones:


The Delaware General Corporation Law, even on international scale, is thought to be one of the most progressive corporate legislation document. Along with being corporate-friendly and business-accustomed, it continues to be relevant thanks to regular law updates. Stability is the main feature, regardless of the political party in power. For these purposes, Delaware’s regulations are watched, copied, and respected by jurisdictions around the globe.


Delaware’s Court of Chancery is ideal for companies looking to settle legal disputes fairly and quickly. It is the only equity court in the US and has been dedicated to business and corporate cases since 1792. As opposed to a typical courtroom with a jury of peers, cases are governed only by judges. The judges are appointed by elected officials and serve 12-year terms. Consequently, their cases focus solely on business law, they are experts in relevant spheres and decisions are made promptly.


Created by the Court of Chancery and the Delaware Supreme Court, the state’s common law is monumental and most complete in the world. It is internationally accepted and respected amongst lawyers, judges, and corporations who use these court judgments for both guidance and predictability.


Delaware has a remarkably complex legislative structure. It unites those who have a strong theoretical base and understands corporate law best with those who work with these matters daily, Delaware’s legislature remains completely relevant and is highly convenient.


The Secretary of State’s Division of Corporations is focused on customer service with qualified and consistent employees. It gives unique solutions directly tailored to the specific needs. The unmatched working hours, for instance, makes it possible for any last-minute work to be finished up to midnight. For critical issues, it offers the fastest service possible with a 30-minute option (for an additional charge).

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