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List of ICOs to watch in June

Jun 26, 2018

At present, the main concern among cryptocurrency enthusiasts is a sharp drop in the exchange rate. But this does not affect the popularity of the blockchain technology. Recently, the number of new blockchain projects, varying from gaming to artificial intelligence, rapidly increased.

Here are some projects that successfully launched during the previous month and are worth to be reviewed. These are TTC Protocol, Hero Node, VideoCoin, ATN and The Abyss.

TTC Protocol have achieved almost 90% of their ICO goals, Hero Node and VideoCoin are the only two projects to get 100% of their ICO goals. ANT, the global artificial project has not specified any goals for its ICO.

We have analyzed the legal side of the above-mentioned projects. Below you can find a short description regarding the preliminary due diligence of an ICO project, i.e. aspects that, among other things, should be inspected.

First of all, you should (I) check the team, their previous projects and LinkedIn profiles; (II) learn every aspect of the project’s whitepaper such as monetization, marketing strategy, scaling, etc.; (III) analyze the legal nature of your potential token (IV); consult with legal and financial advisors regarding your future investment.

Given the above, investing in the cryptocurrency and ICO is a very painstaking and risky step, which must be approached as meticulously as possible. Offshorelicense LTD will be a reliable partner in all your endeavors.

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