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Omega Dark, the first regulated dark pool in digital assets is launched

Mar 27, 2019

Omega One announced the proper launch of Omega Dark, the first regulated, fully autonomous dark pool in the digital asset marketplace.

As reported in a recent press release, Omega Dark is the first company to be approved for a provisional Digital Asset Exchange License in Bermuda in accordance with the country’s new Digital Asset Business Act. CEO Gordon-Brander stated:

"Dark pools matter so much for crypto because they act as a central warehouse for liquidity, and connect the broad array of fragmented exchanges and OTC desks across the globe into a single hub. In turn, Omega Dark allows participants to cheaply and discreetly balance liquidity against each other and against market makers and hedge funds, creating a win-win for everyone."

Omega Dark was developed to create a fair marketplace for all members by the means of offering transparent pricing of liquidity preference within a strong regulatory administration. This platform will increase markets confidence, thereby, leading to greater liquidity, lower volatility, and better price breakthrough.

At this point, Omega Dark is accepting clients for its early access plan, which includes liquidity providers, hedge funds, trading desks, execution platforms, exchanges and market makers. There is а minimum monthly trading turnover in the amount of $10 million, starting with the BTC/USD spot market.

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