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Promoting business: an important step to success.

Apr 11, 2017

When you are in need of growing and developing your business promotion questions undoubtedly arise. Staying on one place is not a proactive way of work so this question needs to have an answer. Promotion strategy is a plan that is developed for your company and consists of all events and actions that are needed for telling the world who you are. Loyal customers are the ones who are always notified about your products and services, who have strong emotional connection with the brand. Effective promotion strategy, when implemented, works as a customer magnet, increases sales and makes your company recognizable among the target audience.

It is not easy to find enough resources to promote your company, but a good plan can solve this problem. Even a newly founded company can use our recommendations and implement these promotion methods into their plan.


We have already pointed out the need of proper branding. Recognizable logo, usable website and memorable slogan – these are not just words but the stairway to success. Before actually starting business and opening your company it is important to think about the idea of the company, its mission and values, main emotional message and other important things. Logo and slogan should be easily remembered and become something special for your clients. Also, it is an interesting idea to have some story behind your company’s name or logo: Brand will work as an additional advertisement soon after you become popular. Professional branding experts and graphic designers can assist you with picking proper colors, fonts and images for logo and other company needs. However, if you do not have enough financial resources, it is rational to use service of design students then to do everything yourself. Young specialists sometimes are able to create a miracle when you, as an entrepreneur, will not be so effective. Main advice is to think everything in advance and to use a professional service for assistance.

  1. Product promotion.

After positive image of your company has been created, it is time to start promoting your products individually. Customer shall be aware of everything you offer and products specifications. Market research is the most important stage of promoting your products. Sometimes you need to change a single detail and it will lead to a significant sales increase. Demand existence, competitive advantages, perfect target audience and promotion materials: everything is important here. Let customers know what you are offering, tell them why you are the best and which advantages they will get. Everything should be directed to show clients that you are here and now; and your company is offering exactly the product they need. It is important to use different advertising methods as well as spreading the word of your brand and letting people know about the novelty of products.

  1. Advertising process. Advertising is an important promotion part and often companies do not pay enough attention to it. Experts are united in the opinion that advertising budget should be around 8 percent fr om all revenues. It is important to analyze business and forecast your revenues to create advertising plan. Do not try to concentrate on a single platform and, for sure, try to spread expenses evenly through the year. Mind your product seasoning and target audience: it will help you select the best platforms and time of advertising.

So, what are the platforms? Radio and TV sound like standard methods but nowadays they are mostly suitable for older audience, and it is important to choose the platform, the schedule and maintain the right timing. Printed media is an interesting solution but it is suitable for professionals who are ready to spread useful materials or groups of people interested in specific fields. It is unlikely that tech magazine will publish article on travelling recommendations, even if you make a perfect research. So, main idea is to know wh ere your target audience is based and what platforms to use. Social media advertising is often effective when you target audience under 35 y.o. and your product can be appealing and interesting on social media news feed. Outdoor advertising is sometimes effective too. However, it is important to consider professional designer help to create a beautiful billboard, transport or street furniture advertisement. Many major businesses have already shown that beautiful and catchy outdoor advertisement can spread around the world in a couple of days and even become viral.

  1. Customer reputation.

For a stable business, aiming to grow, reputation is one of the key goals. People always talk about the services they got and products they bought. Your task is to make this word of mouth most advantageous for your company. Positive reviews are a great instrument to attract new clients and build up a good name of your company. How to earn the honorable reputation of a good company? Mostly, it is about providing customers with high quality services and products. Customer service is also important. After visiting your store or making an order, customer should think that it was the best experience in his life. As it was said: “love your clients and they will stay with you”. Loyal customer is a great weapon and they will protect and support your business even in the worst times. Another important part is to treat your employees well. Worker, who is literally in love with your product, will do his best to sell it and will recommend it to all friends and acquaintances. It is much easier to sell what you love and enjoy yourself.

To sum up, main business promotion goal is to think through every step, know your customer and his wishes and to love what you do. Product and brand strategy is the way every entrepreneur should walk by himself, knowing every stage of work and every part of his company. Promotion process is like creating an image of company you want to own. Do not forget about branding, emotional message, proper advertising and help of professional marketing and promotion specialists. This will play a big role in growing and upgrading your business.

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