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Starting an international business. To offshore or not to offshore?

Feb 20, 2017

When you decide for your business to become international, what to do and how to deal with legal matters? First of all, we should talk about why businesses are massively using international jurisdictions for functioning. When you form or relocate your business to another country you can achieve a couple of very crucial goals. Sometimes legal or taxation climate in your country is not opportune for business matters. This does not mean you have to break the laws or do anything illegal. The main reason to move your business is to keep balance between your own profit and the others’. Also, having a foreign legal company can help you create financial privacy and protect your company fr om aggressive competitors.

Which actions can you perform operating a foreign business? Opening bank accounts, creating more businesses, manufacturing goods, receiving income and having legal contact with government: and this is not the full list. You can also keep your business safe from raids and similar actions having your capital goods in another country. Being head of the business is pretty stressful and this makes it easier to feel you are safe and sound.

The great example of offshore business is online area. When service is not tightly connected to the place where it is operated and registered then you can easily optimize its work. However, this is not the only scope of business to be moved abroad. You can choose the offshore country to be the most reliable, safe and to defer your taxes and incomes legally and profitably.

The very important preparation part of setting up an offshore business is to perform due diligence. Offshorelicense can help you not only with legal research, but also with technical and financial parts of preparation, which makes us a full support for your job. When you have chosen the jurisdiction you are able to perform all the registration process online and it works for most countries. This means creating a business abroad is not that complicated and terrifying as it sounds.

Thinking about reasons and benefits of setting up an offshore company we decided to make a short list of them.

  1. Political and economical climate in your country can not always be advantageous for setting up a business. If you are not 100% sure that your company will be safe and government will do everything to protect it, there is a reason to set it up internationally. We, in Offshorelicense, think that business should be protected in the first place. Sometimes only moving it abroad can help us achieve that goal.

  2. Legal procedure of establishing and functioning differs in most countries. If you see that creating a foreign entity will be cheaper, easier and also taxation and accounting matters are better performed abroad, why hesitate? Sometimes your home is not the best place to conduct business and main task of Offshorelicense is to make it easier for the client.

  3. Matters of confidentiality and intellectual property are also very important. In foreign country the procedure of protecting businesses can be much better than in yours. Having reliable protection of your incomes, copyrights, legal documents and other important information are a reason to choose offshore establishment.

  4. Operating and establishment costs may differ for different countries. Sometimes you need to invest s lot of money in your home-country company without good reason. The operating materials may be really expensive; lack of specialists can also make hiring very costly. This means that sometimes offshore companies reduce costs for all stages of functioning. You can choose the capital goods you need and pay the price that’s acceptable. Also, in different countries business has more employee choice.

Concluding the above information, we can say that establishing an offshore company is sometimes profitable and easy. Offshorelicense can help you with analyzing your current jurisdiction, evaluate risks, expenses and profits, choose the best legal way to start or move your business and help you create it. Making this choice can be the best one, thus paperwork quantity will reduce, your private information will be safe and operating a business will be simple from any part of the world.

Of course, doing this requires a preparation process, due diligence, planning and other actions. However, as soon as the decision will be made, you would have an opportunity to invest all your resources in the business itself.

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