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Authorised Company in Mauritius

Authorised Company in Mauritius

Mauritius Authorised Companies are not tax resident and do not have access to the Mauritius Double Taxation Treaties and are generally used for trading and investment purposes.

Incorporation: up to 4 weeks   + delivery time for the courier

Minimum paid up capital: US$ 1



As of 1st January 2019, the Mauritius Financial Services Commission (FSC) has introduced a new “Authorised Company Regime”, which replaced the Category 2 Global Business (GBC2) regime. An “Authorised Company” is a company conducting its business activities, as well as holding its effective management, outside of Mauritius. This type of company would be a great solution to carry on international trading, invoicing, marketing, Consultancy services, logistics, IT Services and so on.

Advantages of Global Business License Company Category 2 (GBL 2) in Mauritius:

  • - Mauritius offers a high level of anonymity and privacy
  • - A dedicated manager available throughout the year
  • - The most competitive price, in complete transparency
  • - No taxes of any sort
  • - Stable jurisdiction with a very good reputation
  • - Efficient communication means
  • - Convenient world time zone: GMT+4
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Name check + + +
Company incorporation
+ + +
  • Name check and approval
  • Filling incorporation documents with the Registrar of Companies
  • A standard set of original corporate documents
  • Payment of the government fee
  • Provision of registered agent and registered address for one year
Local secretary + + +
Government fees + + +
Registered office for 1 year + + +
Delivery of original documents - + +
Apostilled documents
- + +
  • If applying for a corporate bank account, you will need to order a full set of apostilled company documents when the account is opened outside of the country of Company.
Nominee director and shareholder
- - +
  • This service is required if you do not want your name to appear in the corporate documents or in the government registry. For this purpose, we will appoint another person or entity that will act on your behalf and for your interests and benefit. Such a relationship will be legally based on Power of Attorney and Trust Declaration. Despite Power of Attorney not being publicly available, such service does not guarantee 100% confidentiality. In case of request from public authorities the information about actual beneficial owner may be disclosed.
Total amount:
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Facts & Info for Authorised Company in Mauritius


General information

Company structure

  • At least 1 shareholder (no residency restrictions)
  • At least 1 non-corporate director (no residency restrictions) 


  • Mauritius Authorised Company is not a taxable entity in Mauritius and consequently not entitled to Tax. Also, it is not eligible for Tax Residence Certificate.



Registered Agent


Registered office


Company name

  • Language: Any
  • Letters: from Latin alphabet
  • Names Requiring Consent or a Licence: Bank, buildings society, insurance, assurance, reinsurance, funds, trust, trustees, finance, savings, royal, asset management, foundation, municipal, chartered, healthcare, gaming, brokerage, broker, forex, lease, leasing, pharmaceutical


  • Company name is restricted to be identical or similar that of an existing company.

In order to incorporate an Authorised Company in Mauritius, the following steps shall be carried out:

  • Application for reservation of company name
  • Preparation and submission with the Financial Services Commission (FSC) for the application for authorization of the company
  • Submission of the application and documents to the Registrar of Companies
  • Preparing the statutory file

Please provide us with the following documents and data:


  • A notarized copy of valid passport 
  • A copy of proof of residential address (ex. utility bill that is not older than 3 months)
  •  A notarized copy of Bank reference
  • Power of attorney(signed, notarized and apostilled). Will be required to exclude the obligation of the owner having to fly personally to the country.
  • Optional: CV (of each Director and Shareholder)


  • If Shareholders and/or directors are legal persons, then it is required to submit full set of apostilled company documents and if certificate of Good Standing.
  • If documents are not in English language, they must be accompanied by a notarized translation.