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Macau OCC Formation

Macau Offshore Commercial Company (OCC) Formation

Macau, also Macao is a commercial city with a very open economy, advantageous geographic location and complete infrastructure.

Incorporation: up to 1 month

Minimum authorized capital: MOP25,000 (around $2,500 USD)



There is no special restriction on Macau company incorporation, and Macau practices a low taxation rate system, with limited items of taxation. In recent years, favorable factors have been increasing in Macau, and economic environment has met sustained development, in particular, hospitality and tourism, which drove the rise of Macau's economy, and the international community showed increasing confidence concerning investment in Macau. At the same time, Macau is also one of the freest and most open regions for global trade and investment.

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Name check + + +
Company incorporation
+ + +
  • Name check and approval
  • Drafting incorporation documents
  • A standard set of original corporate documents
  • Payment of the Government fee
  • Provision of registered agent and registered address for one year
Local secretary + + +
Government fees + + +
Registered office for 1 year + + +
Delivery of original documents - + +
Apostilled documents
- + +
  • If applying for a corporate bank account, you will need to order a full set of apostilled company documents when the account is opened outside of the country of Company.
Nominee director and shareholder
- - +
  • This service is required if you do not want your name to appear in the corporate documents or in the government registry. For this purpose, we will appoint another person or entity that will act on your behalf and for your interests and benefit. Such a relationship will be legally based on Power of Attorney and Trust Declaration. Despite Power of Attorney not being publicly available, such service does not guarantee 100% confidentiality. In case of request from public authorities the information about actual beneficial owner may be disclosed.
Total amount:
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Facts & Info for Macau Offshore Commercial Company (OCC) Formation


General information

Company structure

  • Only one shareholder (no restrictions on the nationality or residency)
  • Only one director (no restrictions on the nationality and residency, natural persons or corporate entities may be appointed as directors)


  • OCC is completely tax exempt on all profits as long as they do not use MOP currency, do not do business with local residents or other local companies
  • No capital gains tax, sales tax, stamp duty, inheritance tax, or gift tax

Other benefits

  • Stable financial system
  • Satisfactory trading environment
  • Platform for economic and trading cooperation between mainland China and Portuguese-speaking countries

Accounting requirements

Every company must file annual financial statements

Registered Agent


Registered office




Company name

  • Language: Either Chinese or Portuguese, or both
  • A name must be different from another legal entity in Macau
  • The company name must include the words “Macao Offshore Commercial” or use its abbreviation of “OCC"


  • Request in Business Registry a firm name availability certificate
  • Payment of Government Fees
  • Preparation of corporate documents
  • Application for registration
  • Apostiliation of documents

Please provide us with the following documents and data:


  • Proof of identity in the form of a passport copy for all shareholders, including identification documents of the spouse of married shareholders
  • Certified proof of address (for each director and shareholder)