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Obtain Portfolio Management License in Switzerland

Switzerland Portfolio Management (ARIF Registration)

Portfolio Management License
Switzerland is widely known as one of the most reputable and business-friendly jurisdictions. A company can be authorized to conduct portfolio management by a local non-governmental organization – “Association Romande des Intermédiaires Financiers” which acts on behalf of Financial Markets Authority.
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“Association Romande des Intermédiaires Financiers” (ARIF) – a non-profit organization of a public utility who was recognized in 2009 by Financial Market Authority (FINMA) for independent asset managers. This self-regulatory organism offers a Certificate of Membership which would allow successful applicant conduct portfolio management activities within and outside Switzerland.

To become a member of ARIF, a limited company with initial capital not less than CHF 20,000 is to be registered under the laws of Switzerland. A company must have at least one director of Swiss nationality, in this respect OFFSHORELICENSE does provide nominee services.

All members who will conduct portfolio management must have an adequate level of knowledge and experience proved by CVs and relevant diplomas, as well as they must have a right to work in Switzerland. Specific trainings are prescribed by law for all members of the company. Training take place after the affiliation to ARIF. All the persons involved into the activities subject to the Swiss Anti-Money Laundering Act must supply a personal file. 


  • Respectful jurisdiction
  • Financial stability
  • Low tax rates which is based on a clear-cantonal tax system
  • Friendly business environment
  • Banking advantage
  • Limited liability of a company
  • Possibility to give shares
  • No additional exams or test must be passed for appointed persons
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Licensing Criteria and Procedures for Applying for Switzerland Portfolio Management License

Notable features
Documents Required

General information

Company structure and staff:

  • Min. 1 shareholder (can be legal entity or natural person, no nationality restrictions)
  • Min. 1 director (can be only natural persons, at least one must be of Swiss nationality)

Details of shareholder(s) and director(s) – part of public record;


Within 3 months


Minimum paid-up capital requirements:

CHF 20,000* (~EUR 18,000)


Average 12% – (exact tax rate depends on corporate structure of a company, nature of business and exact location of business)

Accounting and Audit requirements

  • Submitting financial statements
  • Submitting annual report
  • Audit/partial (depending on the size of the business)

Registered office - Required

Secretary - Required

Company name

  • Language: English
  • Suffixes to denote limited liability: GmbH or Ltd liab. Co
  • Must include following word at the end of the company name: Limited

In order to obtain a license, the following steps will be carried out:

  • Initial verification
  • Preparation of all relevant documents and applications
  • Application for reservation of company name
  • Preparation and submission of the application and documents to the Registry
  • Incorporation of the company
  • Opening of the local bank account
  • Application to ARIF

In order to obtain license, Offshorelicense will fill all necessary application forms and also acquire apostilled corporate documents. 

For that reason, please provide us with the following documents.

  • Notarized copy of valid passport (each of Director)
  • Notarized copy of proof of address (ex. Utility bill of each Director)
  • Bank reference (of each Director)
  • Legal reference (of each Director)
  • CV (of each Director)
  • Diploma of higher education

For corporate shareholders need to provide the following:

  • Passport of an Authorized Person of the legal entity (to be certified true copy by Notary Public or Embassy)
  • Utility Bill as proof of residency of an Authorized Person for the body Corporate (to be certified true copy Notary Public or Embassy
  • Latest CV detailing Educational background and Working Experiences of an Authorized Person for the body Corporate
  • Registries of Company listing down the names of Director, Shareholder, Auditor, Company Secretary (to be certified true copy by the Company Secretary or Notary public)
  • Certificate of Incorporation (to be certified true copy by the Company Secretary or Notary public)
  • Certificate of Registered Address of the Company (to be certified true copy by the Company Secretary or Notary public)
  • Copies of three (1) year audited financial statements/annual reports preceding the application

All documentation shall be provided in English*

* If documents are not in English, then they must be accompanied by a notarized translation.