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Starting your own business in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines tax transparency and bank confidentiality. This means, business startups in St. Vincent and the Grenadines are able to enjoy all favors of offshore banking. Special Tax Information Exchange Agreements is an international act that allows business avoid double taxation, distribute tax obligations, share all information with tax authorities and remain confident in bank secrecy. Moreover, there...

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How to report foreign income on US tax return?

...n and is obliged to pay taxes in the US. It means that you work in another country but need to pay income tax and self-employment tax in the United States. In case of paying any taxes in the country you worked, you can use the Foreign Tax Credit and avoid double taxation with it. Person who works abroad more than 330 days a year can apply for FEIX. First of all, you need to perform a physical p...

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Why Moving Your Business Offshore Sounds Reasonable

...5a8/ee3/c16/5a8ee3c1698f5888025758.png)]({._blank.w575} **No Double Taxation, No Cry.** Those, involved in the International business, often consider how to avoid double taxation. This means how not to be charged twice for the same operation in two countries. Here you can find a legal solution: territory w...

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