Will Bahamas be removed from the EU tax blacklist?

...e ones who support their political position. At the same time, Bahamas representatives instantly reacted to such inclusion. According to official statement of territory’s Prime Minister Mr. Turnquest, Bahamas are already working with the EU’s code of conduct group. The mentioned EU agency is in charge of recommending jurisdictions to include in the blacklist. Despite the fact that Bahamas ...

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Tax storm. British Virgin Islands ceased to be a "haven" for shall companies

... shell business. **British Virgin Islands, beloved all over the world for zero taxation of legal entities, in agreement with the European Union, enacted the Law on Economic Presence, which entered into force on January 1, 2019.** In 2017, the code of conduct group on the observance of the Code on business taxation conducted an analysis of the requirements of 92 jurisdictions, the results of...

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Businesses will be required to meet criteria of physical presence in Belize

... jurisdiction by the industrialized countries, and in this case, by the EU, and by OECD. In its analysis of information on areas of tax transparency, fair taxation and implementation of anti-base erosion and profit sharing measures, the so-called ‘code of conduct group’, which is really an agency of the aforementioned OECD/EU axis, that group found that Belize’s Export Processing Zone and ou...

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