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Outbreak of Crypto Frauds Amid coronavirus Outbreak

As the number of global coronavirus cases grows each day, unscrupulous hackers and cyber-criminals are once again using sophisticated malware, phishing and scam techniques to steal people’s money and crypto holdings. Thousands of fake websites, maps, applications, program downloads, and email phishing campaigns are used in order to steal passwords, money, and cryptocurrencies, or hold user ...

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Will 2020 bring the volatility back to the Forex market?

...ff with a global stock market fall that became the steepest since the 2008 financial crisis.** On the so-called Black Monday stocks entered a ‘’bear market’’ when fallen more than 20% from the recent peak. The crash was largely caused by the coronavirus outbreak that was declared a pandemic combined with the ongoing oil war between Russia and Saudi Arabia. **This Thursday US stocks saw...

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Pandemic effect on Cryptocurrency markets

The World Health Organization (WHO) officially classified coronavirus as a pandemic. Outbreaks in Italy, Korea, and Iran appear to be spreading rapidly, with more than 60 countries having been directly affected and cases being reported in New York City and many other key cities around the world. The disease has also been seen affecting the world economy along with global health. **The traders...

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Data protection during the health crisis: is GDPR confronted with Covid-19?

Data protection is confronted with unprecedented challenges during the coronavirus times.Covid-19 pandemic is a durability test of GDPR (the EU general data protection regulation) because it is the first time when the data protection law goes through a large-scale public health crisis. The lessons learned will definitely affect and modify the law in future. When it comes to health, data is tr...

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Crisis Impact on Crypto Lending Sector

So far economy in the world is totally unprepared for this coronavirus crisis. The crisis brought on by the coronavirus has been a shock to the entirety of the global economy. Every industry in the world is fighting to find ways to adapt to the new way that was thrust into reality few weeks ago. One of the most affected sectors has been global financial markets. This has also been true in the...

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Possible Effects of Bitcoin Halving

March, April, and May were major months for Bitcoin (BTC). After a big price dive on March 12th, Bitcoin slowly recovered to almost $10,000, where it was before the coronavirus world-wide pandemic crushed into the economy. A large portion of the increase came in the days preceding and following the Bitcoin halving last week. In the middle of the May the rewards that Bitcoin miners receive in ...

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Covid-19 Effect on Growing Number of Crypto Related Scams

...ayne’ ‘The Rock’ Johnson, Justin Timberlake and Christopher Walken promote iCenter. Greed and altruism are not the only human emotions that cryptocurrency scams are playing on. Fear is another way to accomplish mischievous intentions. With coronavirus quarantines going into their third and fourth months, it is clear that 2020 has been one of the most hardship-filled year in this century ...

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Forex Markets Related Regulations After Pandemic

...D-19 has had large impact on our daily lives and it has changed the way we do business. Of course, there are many aspects of life that pandemic hasn’t changed, but the effects can be clearly found in the Forex and trading markets. In particular, **coronavirus pandemic brought a surge of volatility back into the markets in February and March**. This volatility, which has been widely reported on i...

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First central bank issued digital coin in the euro zone

...t all electronic accounts for the customers funds- when it comes to processing payments. It was announced by the Central Bank of Lithuania that at the moment, the only way to hold central bank-issued money is to hold the physical cash. The recent coronavirus pandemic has accelerated the development of CBDCs as it has introduced millions of people to cashless and contactless payments, central ba...

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