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“To trade or not to trade?” or How Chinese Exchanges Overcome the Bitcoin Ban?

...tions that are much more favorable for traders and overtook the market with 44% part of the market share. Some analysts state that the Chinese ban will remain legal until government creates **a special licensing program** that will cover the work of cryptocurrency exchange platforms. What about now? News resources state that the biggest exchanges on the market are already looking for solutions....

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A raising trend of investment scams in Australia

...itcoin scams. The above-mentioned regulator received reports of people being deceived through fake cryptocurrency websites. Recently in Australia **new regulatory requirements entered into force** and the Australian authorities proceed to inform cryptocurrency exchange platforms, that they are now subject to this new regulation, with **one of the requirements being – registration with AUSTRA...

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From now cryptocurrency will be under AML rules in Thailand amend local legislation and bring cryptos into the AML regime. The aforesaid process will start with the Anti-Money Laundering Act. **Changes shall be made in accordance with international standards on crypto exchange service providers, hence cryptocurrency exchange platforms will have to report their financial activities to the AMLO.** Local representatives explain that such information is...

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