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Ten cybersecurity practices for businesses

...rprises alike. Hackers continue to enhance their tools and scout for new cyberdefenses to penetrate, and any business remains vulnerable to a cyber attack. The question is: what can you do to protect your company’s sensitive data? Here are **10 cybersecurity practices** you may want to adopt. 1. **Raise awareness and educate your employees**. It is the employees who can either be your be...

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5 signs of booming blockchain innovation in Australia

...ustralian government awarded IBM a cool $1 billion AUD ($750 million US) to develop blockchain innovation in Australia over the next five years. This will be specifically geared towards developing AI, blockchain, and quantum technology solutions for cybersecurity, research, and data management. Some critics have questioned the Australian government’s seemingly blind faith in IBM after their d...

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Malaysia is planning to regulate initial coin offerings as securities offerings

...nd exchange operators, disclosure standards and best practices in price discovery, trading rules and client asset protection.”* **The relevant companies, dealing in digital assets will be required to adhere to AML / CFT requirements, along with cybersecurity and other related measures.** In accordance with the statement of the Securities Commission and Bank Negara Malaysia new regulations ...

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Bermuda Digital Asset license

...pany Registered office - Head office in Bermuda is required from which the licensee's digital asset business is directed and managed (presence of senior executives, holding meetings of the board of directors, making operational decisions) cybersecurity Program and cybersecurity Report  Licensees must demonstrate a comprehensive cybersecurity program that is commensurate to th...

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