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British Virgin Islands announces a dollar-backed digital coin

... central digital currency that will be backed by the US dollar in a 1:1 ratio for use within the territory of the BVI. This means that each token of BVI~LIFE will be backed by 1 dollar. It is envisaged that the implementation of the dollar-pegged digital coin will lower transactional fees but increase transaction speed. BVI~LIFE coin will be available for the residents of the BVI and for touris...

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First central bank issued digital coin in the euro zone

**The Central Bank of Lithuania announced in April of 2018 that it was exploring the possibility of issuing its own digital currency.** Two years later, in July of 2020 Lithuania is about to issue the first central bank-produced digital coin in the euro zone. This week the Baltic country will issue the digital coin- LBCOIN, as part of a project to trial central bank digital currencies and blo...

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Local cryptocurrency could soon be used in Japanese regions

**Two Japanese companies have been cooperating for two years on local cryptocurrency and now are launching a trial of a local digital coin.** Mitsubishi Research Institute and Kintetsu Shimakaze railway company introduced a new regional digital currency for use in Mie Prefecture - a famous tourist area. **The newly introduced cryptocurrency will be available for use from November 11 to Januar...

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How political unrest affects cryptocurrency?

...hat alternative currencies rise in popularity and investors give preference to assets that are not controlled by one party. The value of cryptocurrency will depend on how we react to the events – our emotional response may dictate the value of digital coin in the wake of political instability. In times of uncertainty, although we may think that we do rational and logical things, what we actu...

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Bermuda Digital Asset license

...dial wallet services; digital asset service vendors. The term “digital asset” is widely defined and covers anything which exists in binary form and comes with the right to use it and includes a digital representation of value. It captures digital coins, security, equity or utility tokens and anything intended to provide access to an application, product or service by means of distribute...

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