Recovering Trust in Digital Currency

... cryptocurrency is a very desirable prize. We are lucky enough to have experience in Asian markets, so we already started offering assistance to customers in obtaining crypto licenses in Japan. I really believe, that those, who catch the moment with digital currencies today, will definitely enjoy great profits tomorrow’. **Lack of regulatory framework impeding initiatives** While Japan is ...

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Is Accepting Bitcoin a Reasonable Choice for Banks?

...ppose that in crisis, traditional financial system is much more predictable and there is a stable scheme of bailing out. At the same time, cryptocurrencies are decentralized and sometimes it is anadvantage. Bitcoin now is a great value that proves **digital currencies’ viability**. It is an economic phenomenon, which can be the biggest miracle and a challenge for all the traditional economy at ...

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Virtual Currencies’ Control in Singapore

...d more universal types of acts and laws. Many international documents also have requirements for the counter-financing of terrorism and anti-money laundering policies. This puts financial regulators in the position where they should decide whether **digital currencies** are according to the legislation or they should be banned. An important statement was issued by the Deputy Prime Minister of *...

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