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Recovering Trust in Digital Currency

... cryptocurrency is a very desirable prize. We are lucky enough to have experience in Asian markets, so we already started offering assistance to customers in obtaining crypto licenses in Japan. I really believe, that those, who catch the moment with digital currencies today, will definitely enjoy great profits tomorrow’. **Lack of regulatory framework impeding initiatives** While Japan is ...

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Is Accepting Bitcoin a Reasonable Choice for Banks?

...ppose that in crisis, traditional financial system is much more predictable and there is a stable scheme of bailing out. At the same time, cryptocurrencies are decentralized and sometimes it is anadvantage. Bitcoin now is a great value that proves **digital currencies’ viability**. It is an economic phenomenon, which can be the biggest miracle and a challenge for all the traditional economy at ...

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Virtual Currencies’ Control in Singapore

...d more universal types of acts and laws. Many international documents also have requirements for the counter-financing of terrorism and anti-money laundering policies. This puts financial regulators in the position where they should decide whether **digital currencies** are according to the legislation or they should be banned. An important statement was issued by the Deputy Prime Minister of *...

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Investments in cryptocurrency – is one of the main topics in the UK Financial Ombudsman Service’s Annual Review

... The report also refers to the reasons for an active involvement of individuals in crypto investing. Among many appeal aspects, were pointed out - a possibility of being a part of something new and the availability of a great number of different digital currencies. It is important to note, that the sphere of crypto investment does not directly relate to Ombudsman. However, cryptocurrencies ...

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Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies: time to regulate

...** In a statement released in March, the SEC argued that under US security laws, digital assets such as coins and tokens offered and sold in initial coin offerings (ICOs) fall under the definition of “security.” The statement may mean that trade digital currencies would be required to be registered with the SEC, just like all of the national securities exchanges such as the New York Stock Exch...

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Ripple XRP price prediction for 2019

...inutes to many hours to be confirmed. Ripple blockchain offers an average transaction time of four seconds. Compared to other systems, this can be considered fast. - **A supportive payment ecosystem**: Ripple allows its users to create their own digital currencies for cheaper and faster transactions. For example, a user can decide to create a digital currency to buy items such as collectible c...

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Best cryptocurrency to mine in 2019

...y. With a transaction time of 60 seconds, it is ten times faster than Bitcoin and runs on the Neo scrypt hashing algorithm. Feathercoin can be mined using software like NSGMiner, SGMiner, and Miner-X (Java GUI frontend for SGMiner). Like other digital currencies, joining a mining pool might be the best way to minimize mining costs while maximizing profit. Some Feathercoin pools include: *...

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