New hype or a real irreplaceable instrument. Contracts of digital age.

Currently **computer algorithms that work on blockchain are crushing and reforming classic financial systems**. However, recently there is a lot more hype surrounding the so called smart contracts. But following this trend, there were a lot of surveys stating that smart contracts are rather vulnerable and unstable instruments. In order to understand the essential thing about smart contracts we sh...

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Legal bitcoin to be!

...he purpose of encouragement of open-source developments. MIT expert Mark Weber also said that the results of initial experiments were published as means to solicit feedback from crypto experts and help to inspire others to join the effort to make financial systems safer by developing new techniques and models for AML. Read our blog to keep abreast of all actual and interesting crypto news.

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Compliance deadline of January 2020: Crypto exchanges implement FATF anti-money laundering standards

...laundering and financial crimes the number of which is rapidly growing in crypto domain. Although the FATF’s recommendations are of advisory nature and do not have legally binding force, these regulations still possess power in relation to the financial systems. The FATF includes 36 economies – among them are the largest ones which have a significant impact on the global finance operations...

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How political unrest affects cryptocurrency?

...g, India, Iraq, trade war and economic crises worldwide. We have stepped into 2020 accompanied by media headlines predicting a global economic recession. Although it is difficult to quantify the ways in which political instability can affect the financial systems, there is doubt about the interdependent nature of finance, government, and politics. But what effects the political upheaval ha...

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Singapore Private Company Formation

... Minimum paid up capital: No minimum capital requirement   Overview The Republic of Singapore (SG) is an island nation situated in Southeast Asia between Thailand and Malaysia. The SG economy is one of the most intensively growing financial systems in the world. SG is known for its business-friendly regulatory environment, ease of doing business. The country is one of the key...

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