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Gibraltar and Hong Kong plan to work together on the fintech sectors development

The end of March was commemorated by the signing of the world’s **first financial technology Cooperation Agreement**. During recent years financial technology sector has been rapidly gaining popularity all over the world, therefore, aiming to be Fintech pioneers, **Gibraltar** and **Hong Kong** were the first ones to enter into an official agreement regarding the development of this sector, th...

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Mauritius is willing to adapt distributed ledger technology and acknowledge the cryptocurrency as digital asset

...n grants opportunities for smaller economies (for instance Mauritius) to open new and innovative growth perspectives. For this reason, **Mauritius is embracing blockchain technologies and acknowledges cryptocurrencies as digital assets to become the financial technology (FinTech) Hub for Africa.** Prime minister of Mauritius, Pravind Kumar Jugnauth, said that Mauritius is moving faster to an ag...

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The evolution of Forex in the 21st century

The foreign exchange market has existed since ancient times. Exchange systems have occurred around 8 thousand years ago and have undergone significant changes and developments before such a niche as Forex market emerged. financial technology Forex markets were able to attain trillions in trading per day in the 21st century. Although the rapid development has been accounted for the 20th cen...

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British Virgin Islands announces a dollar-backed digital coin

An on-going initiative of the British Virgin Islands government to boost the local financial technology sector includes the development of the sovereign digital currency. The British Virgin Islands have been using the United States Dollar as the national currency since 1959. Today, the government is cooperating with a blockchain startup LifeLabs to implement a central digital currency that w...

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