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Will 2020 bring the volatility back to the forex market?

... since 1987 after falling almost 10 percent.** That was the market’s response to the US president’s ban on travelling from European countries and growing anxiety over the pandemic. **Black Monday and Thursday brought back volatility into the forex markets that remained at low levels for years.** In 2019 majority of brokers were struggling to remain profitable in the conditions of low volat...

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forex markets Related Regulations After Pandemic

The COVID-19 has had large impact on our daily lives and it has changed the way we do business. Of course, there are many aspects of life that pandemic hasn’t changed, but the effects can be clearly found in the Forex and trading markets. In particular, **coronavirus pandemic brought a surge of volatility back into the markets in February and March**. This volatility, which has been widely repo...

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6 reasons why best Forex brokers are regulated

... which is about $5 trillion a day, the Foreign exchange market is still the largest financial market in the world.The uniqueness of this market is undeniable due to its geographical dispersion, accessibility, and flexibility. Traders can access the forex market 24 hours a day, except for weekends, use different leverages to increase profit and benefit from a variety of other advantages offered by...

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The evolution of Forex in the 21st century

The foreign exchange market has existed since ancient times. Exchange systems have occurred around 8 thousand years ago and have undergone significant changes and developments before such a niche as forex market emerged. Financial technology forex markets were able to attain trillions in trading per day in the 21st century. Although the rapid development has been accounted for the 20th cen...

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Belarus exempts Forex trading from taxes

...ormous speed increase of client base (more than 300% annually), the growth of clients deposits (by 20 times over the three years), the expanding trading operations volume (gone up by more than 10 in three years) – all of this comes to show the OTC forex market growth. The **income tax cancellation will undoubtedly affect all market players** as well as have positive effects on jurisdiction. Be...

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