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Crypto aspirations: north korea is holding cryptocurrency conferences

north korea continues to impress the international community by showing how enthusiastic it is about the ample opportunity deriving from the cryptocurrency. The country announced that it will be holding the second blockchain and cryptocurrency conference in February 2020 and which is expected to be far larger than the previous one. Following the previous successful crypto event back in April 2...

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The UN warns on north korean Crypto Conference

As has been previously reported, north korea will host its second blockchain conference that will take place in February. The event is being arranged by Alejandro Cao de Benos, a president of the Korean Friendship and Chris Emms, a business developer at This January, the United Nations warned people not to attend the upcoming north korean Crypto Conference and openly stated that a...

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FATF votes to greylist Malta. Global anti-financial crime watchdog advises enhanced monitoring for Malta

...he FATF calls on the international financial system to apply “strict counter-measures”. In other words, the FATF encourages the global community not to do business with blacklisted countries or to only do so under heightened scrutiny. Only north korea and Iran are currently on the blacklist. The second public document issued by the FATF is called “Improving Global Anti Money Launder...

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