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Coinbase was approved by SEC to list security tokens

...way. Last month, the exchange announced that it intends to purchase three companies: (I) Keystone Capital Corp., (II) Venovate Marketplace and (III) Digital Wealth LLC – as means of becoming a regulated platform for offering trading services in security tokens, as well as to tokenize traditional financial assets. Coinbase COO Assiff Hiriji commented: *“Ultimately, we can envision a world...

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Polymath CEO Trevor Koverko on smart investing, secret societies, and security tokens

...nd EOS. Before that, he was in Silicon Valley and Wall Street. And before that, he was a hockey player, making the NYR Draft Pick. Now he’s committed to presiding over what he sees as the “biggest and best-kept secret in crypto right now”–security tokens. **What’s So Exciting About security tokens?** Perhaps a better question to ask is–what is a security token? “It’s very ...

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Attention! New guidelines for crypto holders were announced by the UK Tax Agency

...s not regard crypto assets to be currency or money. This considers the point of view earlier stated in the report from the CATF (Cryptoasset Taskforce), as well as point out that the CATF characterized cryptocurrencies as either exchange, utility or security tokens. Deserving to note that the above-mentioned report explains that the method of token treatment depends rather on the token’s use ...

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Mauritius has announced new regulatory framework for security token offering

**The Mauritius Financial Services Commission (Commission) has recently clarified the new rules relevant to projects planning security token offerings (STOs).** In its guidance published Monday, the Commission declared that security tokens are considered to be digitally represented securities, as defined in the Securities Act of 2005, hence if STOs are conducted in or from Mauritius, it will b...

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German crypto companies will require BaFin license as of next year

...According to the Fifth Money Laundering Directive (AMD 5) crypto assets will be classified as "financial instruments". This wide-range definition of financial instruments covers not just cryptocurrencies but many related-assets as well, particularly security tokens. In addition, cryptocurrency-related businesses, such as exchanges and wallet providers, also to be licensed by BaFin and comply w...

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UK FCA issued clarifications of cryptocurrency regulations

...onses in regards to the consultation paper from different firms, including banks, trade associations, and crypto exchanges. Most of them supported the proposals, as noted by the FCA. What is important, the guidance now implements a definition for security tokens, which will fall under the category of “specified investments.” Furthermore, security tokens behave like shares or debt instrument...

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First Digital Securities Exchange Approved by Financial Conduct Authority

Last week **Archax - institutional-grade exchange for trading asset-backed tokens (digital securities, security tokens, etc.), announced becoming Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) regulated digital securities exchange and custodian in the UK**. Archax has also become the first company to receive crypto-asset registration from the UK regulator, making it a fully compliant Virtual Asset Service Pro...

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EU and US propose legislative changes regarding digital asset industries

...t of rules for crypto industry in EU known as the Markets in Crypto-Assets (MiCA) was introduced online. The draft was introduced by European Commission and the draft legislation purpose is to provide legal clarity around cryptocurrencies (including security tokens and stablecoins) that is in line with Europe’s Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID), which is a legal framework for se...

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Dubai is set to regulate investment tokens

...dle East and North America director, held by the ‘Arabian Business’ media outlet, “There have been a number of ‘false starts’ in the security token field over the last four years, so this kind of progress is very welcome indeed. We believe security tokens have the potential to grow the crypto space 100 times, and as such we will be monitoring the landscape with interest.” However, u...

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