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Why Moving Your Business Offshore Sounds Reasonable

There is no doubt that you have heard about such offshore destinations like Panama, the british virgin islands, Belize or Anguilla. These countries are now gaining popularity and are known for relocation of existing companies to overseas jurisdictions. At the same time, businessmen often decide to start new companies in the offshore jurisdictions to work within the new markets, manage taxes and ...

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The British Virgin Island Authority declared a warning for CRS and FATCA

**the british virgin islands (BVI) legislation** obliges financial institutions to follow rules of the US Financial Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) and the OECD's Common Reporting Standard (CRS) in regards to sharing all relevant information with the international tax authorities. In February 2018, the british virgin islands International Tax Authority issued a reminder for companies who a...

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New beneficial owner policy in British Virgin Islands

**the british virgin islands are now discussing implementation of new rules for beneficial owners**. It is a problem of particular interest due to growing number of Asian beneficial owners of BVI companies. **BVI House Asia**, financial services promotion agency, organized a seminar in Hong Kong to discuss and inform Asian entrepreneurs about newest regulations. Above mentioned regulations ar...

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Tax storm. British Virgin Islands ceased to be a "haven" for shall companies

Another convenient tax haven is lost for business - the british virgin islands (BVI). Since January 1, 2019 criteria of economic presence for foreign companies has entered into force in BVI, which will become a powerful barrier for the registration of shell business. **British Virgin Islands, beloved all over the world for zero taxation of legal entities, in agreement with the European Union...

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The BVI announced the main condition for the disclosure of beneficial owners information

**London requires the british virgin islands (BVI), to create an open database of offshore owners.** Local authorities already have a system for registering company owners, Beneficial Ownership Secure Search System (BOSS) with a limited access. In fact, full access to this system is granted to only two people, employees of the BVI’s Financial Investigation Agency. BVI authorities use BOSS to...

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British Virgin Islands announces a dollar-backed digital coin

An on-going initiative of the british virgin islands government to boost the local Financial Technology sector includes the development of the sovereign digital currency. the british virgin islands have been using the United States Dollar as the national currency since 1959. Today, the government is cooperating with a blockchain startup LifeLabs to implement a central digital currency that w...

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British Virgin Islands International Business Company Formation

...tually any corporate structure.Incorporation: 5 working days + delivery time for the courier (3-5 days) + 3 working days for the apostilled documents Minimum paid up capital: No minimum capital requirement   Overview the british virgin islands (BVI) are located approximately sixty miles east of Puerto Rico and two miles fr om St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands and con...

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British Virgin Islands Forex License

... USD. Non-refundable licence application fee payable to the FSC: USD$ 1,000 Initial Investment Business Licence fee payable to the FSC: USD$ 1,500 (NB: if licensed after June 30th this is reduced to US$750) Overview the british virgin islands (BVI) is a self-governing British overseas territory and is located approximately sixty miles east of Puerto Rico and two m...

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