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“Project Bakong” first trialed last summer is a specially designed digital currency that will serve as the national payment gateway for Cambodia. Based on the blockchain technology, a peer-to-peer platform with its own digital ... Read more >>
As has been previously reported, North Korea will host its second blockchain conference that will take place in February. The event is being arranged by Alejandro Cao de Benos, a president of the Korean Friendship... Read more >>
The President of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko, signed the Decree “On Taxation” which exempts forex trading from taxes.The decree exempts individuals from paying income tax received from transactions with non-deliverable... Read more >>
The Central Bank of the Bahamas launched a pilot testing of a Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) that was introduced on 27 December 2019. A so-called “Sand Dollar” is starting a pilot phase in Exuma, one of the... Read more >>
The political unrest and change are currently taking place in many parts of the world. A series of high-profile events continue unabated around the globe. Brexit in the UK, an impeachment trial in the United States, ... Read more >>
The Australian financial regulator has implemented new regulation for wholesale clients and excluded the ‘price and value test’ for issuers of CFDs. The test is applied by CFD issuers when classifying customers as wholesale clients. ... Read more >>
Chinese President Xi Jinping is visiting Macao this week with a number of economic incentives and plans aimed at diversification of the region. Macao is a semi-autonomous region best known for its gaming... Read more >>
Although CFDs and Turbo Certificates have common characteristics, ESMA’s restrictions do not extend to such investment product as Turbo Certificate. So, let’s find out why? What is the difference between ... Read more >>
Crypto taxation is one of the hottest topics of debate globally. And while most of the countries keep on discussing the opportunities of crypto taxation, South Korea takes the initiative into own hands.... Read more >>

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