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How RootAnt Makes Brokerage in China Easier

Jan 29, 2018

Doing brokerage business in China can be a serious challenge for international companies. Due to the fact that the market is closed, it is hard to follow all legal requirements and at the same time earn traders’ trust.

Trading platform RootAnt is now one of the best services that allows international financial institutions localize in China. It is a combination of services for brokers, investors, banks and even a CRM. At the same time, product uses open API which is an important part of integration with the legal requirements.

Lincoln Yin, CEO of RootAnt, claims that in future there will be more brokers in Asian and particularly Chinese market. There is an interesting tendency for brokers now. Governments look up to adding restrictions for international traders and investors. At the same time, individuals search for more ways to perform these actions overseas.

Talking about the RootAnt, a big part of its success is an adaptation suitable exactly for Chinese market. Trades from China are used to a completely different process than Western people. For example, FX trading is very popular in Asia and there are not enough mobile and even online solutions for it. This fact explains why creating an innovative product for diverse brokerage purposes was a success. Chinese traders are now open for new opportunities and are ready to take risks. Main task for businesses, that offer brokerage opportunities, is making a service or product, which is compatible with the most habits of its users. RootAnt developers’ team took into consideration everything they could learn from WeChat, Alipay, Weibo and other Chinese services that are unusual for non-Asian audience.

CEO of RootAnt has also mentioned that their main idea was to create a solution that will be mutually beneficial for brokers, traders and investors. Everyone should know how the system works and be able to check all data of your transactions. Positive user experience is now an important part of every fintech solution. The reason is that traders, brokers and other users are there to do business, they are not ready to tolerate inconveniences and lags in their tech tools.

Choosing a proper product to use while entering China as an international broker is very important. Offshorelicense Ltd is always ready to assist your business by analyzing all choices and finding the best solution. Do not hesitate to move onto new markets and explore new tools for your business.

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