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belize International Business Company Formation

belize International Business Company offers an incorporation option in a lucrative tax environment with minimal administrative burdens.Incorporation: 48 working hours + delivery time for the courier Minimum paid up capital: No minimum capital requirement   Overview belize is an independent country, beautiful by nature, located on the Caribbean coast of Central Amer...

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belize Forex License

belize is an economically and financially stable country and is a great place for forex broker companies since it is one of the most known offshore jurisdictions with a well-developed legal framework.Incorporation & obtaining license: 4 months Minimum paid up capital: $500 000  License fee: USD 25 000.00 License renewal government fee: USD 25 000.00 plus comp...

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belize Money Transmission License

belize provides possibility for financial service providers to obtain different financial licenses with local Regulator - IFSC. belize licensed entities enjoy high level of confidentiality, tax exemption and other benefits of modern and user-friendly offshore legislation.Incorporation & obtaining license: 3-4 months Minimum paid up capital: USD 75,000.00 * License fee: US...

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Business advantages of belize offshore jurisdiction

*What is an offshore company? We have already analyzed reasons to go offshore in 2017, and now the time has come to analyze belize company formation process.* **This Central America country is considered as one of the most favorable for international business.** Most common company structure in this jurisdiction is an IBC (international business company). It is regulated by 1990 and 2000 go...

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GST and Excise Tax Revision in belize’s New Budget

**belize’s 2018 budget** brought significant changes for indirect **tax system**. These revisions are mostly directed at complying with the global taxation standards, therefore, concerning Goods and services tax (GST) and Excise tax. GST will change for internet data purchase. From now on, **12,5 % tax will be collected from everyone, apart from schools, who purchase internet data**. This a...

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Businesses will be required to meet criteria of physical presence in belize

**The House of Representatives of belize has recently passed three bills to organize offshore regulations in order to be compliant with European Standards.** The bills scheduled at the session included amendments to the International Business Companies Amendment Act, the Income and Business tax Amendment Act, and the Stamp Duties Amendment Act. During the last few years belize had tense relati...

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Old ways won’t open the new doors

...h ABC Banking Corporation, AfrAsia Bank Limited, Mauritius Commercial bank and State Bank of Mauritius. Mauritius requires either $33.000 USD or $333.000 USD as a paid-up capital depending on the license type. This requirement is still lower than in belize, and more predictable than of other jurisdictions. The local legal framework requires the licensed company to have an office on the islands, an...

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Why Moving Your Business Offshore Sounds Reasonable

There is no doubt that you have heard about such offshore destinations like Panama, the British Virgin Islands, belize or Anguilla. These countries are now gaining popularity and are known for relocation of existing companies to overseas jurisdictions. At the same time, businessmen often decide to start new companies in the offshore jurisdictions to work within the new markets, manage taxes and ...

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How to Incorporate a Company and Why it is Beneficial

...LC or IBC. It is suitable for most types of activity. However, consider your plans and think about physical office need, taxation matters, hiring personnel and obtaining necessary permissions. This might affect your company type as well. [![belize ibc.png](](

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Tax storm. British Virgin Islands ceased to be a "haven" for shall companies

... with EU, new requirements were introduced in all dependent territories of the United Kingdom (Bermuda, Cayman Islands, Isle of Man) and its crown possessions (Jersey, Guernsey). It is also known that other well-known offshores, such as the Bahamas, belize, Hong Kong, Seychelles and so on, will not be left aside.

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EU Has Amended The List Of Non-Cooperative Tax Jurisdictions

...isdictions. Up until today, there were five territories blacklisted by the EU: American Samoa, Guam, Samoa, Trinidad and Tobago, as well as the US Virgin Islands. **The updated list contains the following countries:** -Aruba -Barbados -belize -Bermuda -Fiji -Marshall Islands -Oman -United Arab Emirates (UAE) -Vanuatu -Dominica Over the course of last year, the...

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British Virgin Islands Forex License

...ixty miles east of Puerto Rico and two miles from St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands BVI offers a well established framework for companies willing to provide financial services. It is perceived as a member of the classical trio of Offshore Forex – belize, Seychelles and BVI. The financial services are regulated by British Virgin Islands Financial Service Commission (BVI FSC). The key responsibil...

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