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Spanish internal collaboration on blockchain project

...Recently it was announced that **Spanish National Security Market Commission (CNMV)** and several financial institutions, including BNP Paribas, Commerzbank, Banco Santander, Caixa Bank, during the entire previous year have been collaborating on a **blockchain project called Fast Track Listing (FLT)**, which is based on distributed ledger technology. The main purpose of the collaboration is to ...

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List of ICOs to watch in June

At present, the main concern among cryptocurrency enthusiasts is a sharp drop in the exchange rate. But this does not affect **the popularity of the blockchain technology**. Recently, the **number of new blockchain projects, varying from gaming to artificial intelligence, rapidly increased**. Here are some projects that successfully launched during the previous month and are worth to be revie...

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Why cryptocurrency is the future of electronic cash systems

...rge-scale hacks of centralized databases put consumer privacy at great risk. **Blockchain has the ability to solve this issue by creating greater data security, making cryptocurrency payments safer for users.** There’s already a number of large blockchain projects working toward solving major security-related problems. The main ones that consumers currently face include the selling of persona...

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5 signs of booming blockchain innovation in Australia This appears to be taking a leaf out of Malta’s book with the establishment of a digital innovation authority to regulate and assess blockchain initiatives. While this is not necessarily a huge sum, it’s not the only funding allocated for blockchain projects. The Australian Department of Home Affairs (DHA) also announced tentative plans and a proposal to use blockchain alongside AI and ...

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