Know-hows on Different Legislations and Blockchain Implementation Profitability in Your Business

...r countries are planning to implement regulations on Blockchain. For example, Russian government promises new legislation to enter in force by 2019 but there is still no information on its contents. In the UAE, there is already a stable approach to blockchain technology. Dubai already initiated a program to implement new technology countrywide and by 2020 this Emirate promises to be fully Blockch...

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Is Accepting Bitcoin a Reasonable Choice for Banks?

...are ready to create their own currencies to meet the demands of evolving innovations. Not only the Citigroup speaks positively about the Bitcoin, but also other major banks in countries like China, Russia, Japan and others. They already suppose that blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies can solve many problems with trans-border transactions, fund operations and even client services. Most W...

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Virtual Currency Draft Bill in Gibraltar

...legislation. It is expected to be considered by the Parliament and to come into force in the second half of 2018. How will Gibraltar treat **virtual currencies**? First, sale, distribution and promotion of any kinds of tokens and coins which use blockchain technology will be subjected to the regulation. Consequently, new acts will contain rules about investments, secondary market activities an...

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