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How RootAnt Makes Brokerage in China Easier ways to perform these actions overseas. Talking about the RootAnt, a big part of its success is an adaptation suitable exactly for Chinese market. Trades from China are used to a completely different process than Western people. For example, **fx trading is very popular in Asia** and there are not enough mobile and even online solutions for it. This fact explains why creating an innovative p...

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The evolution of Forex in the 21st century

...ty of the market. What’s next? Apparently, Forex market will be contingent on the policy regulations and technology developments. Today, several countries have banned Forex trading closing the path to trading opportunities. For example, fx trading is generally barred in China with the rare exception of personal exchanges. Imagine how Forex market would soar if China was to regulate an...

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CFTC Warns More Than 20 Forex Brands

... the equity withdrawal restriction that resulted from making dividend payments on three occasions. Further, in the beginning of June, Gain Capital UK was ordered to pay a civil penalty of $250,000 over allegations it signed up US investors to its fx trading platform. It has also agreed to disgorge $241,671 and to ‘cease and desist’ from any futures breaches. Recent warning is another re...

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