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Usage of artificial intelligence for financial institutions in Singapore

**the monetary authority of singapore** (MAS), has lately been working on newest guidelines in relation to the **artificial intelligence** (AI) that is used by financial institutions. AI is still a developing technology and is yet to be regulated around the world. Singaporean government considers that there is a need to develop recommendations and guidelines to prevent misuse of artificial intel...

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Singapore authorities are planning to support crypto startups with receiving banking services

the monetary authority of singapore (MAS), also known as the city-state's central bank, is currently working on the new approach to provide cryptocurrency startups with internal banking services. The above-mentioned development is part of the country's efforts to boost its fintech development sector. Based on the statement of Ravi Menon, MAS managing director, the **government of Singapore is...

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Singapore's new retail trading regulation cuts FX Leverage to 20:1

Singapore’s retail traders will no longer have access to 50:1 leverage. If previously traders only had to meet margin requirements of 2 percent, new retail trading regulations that came into effect this week cut FX leverage by more than half. **the monetary authority of singapore issued new regulations that imply that retail investors now only have access to 20:1 leverage.** Nevertheless, as ...

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Singapore Crypto License

Increasing popularity of token offerings/ICO companies reflected in the guidance of the monetary authority of singapore (MAS) of August 1, 2017. According to the latest announcement of its regulatory position regarding tokens, MAS provides two routes, the choice of which will depend on details of particular business.Incorporation: 1-2 weeks Application to MAS: starting from 3 weeks Minimum ...

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