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Forex, Crypto and Offshore Industry News

You’ve heard a lot about decentralization lately, but what exactly is decentralized internet? And what do people want when they seek it? The internet comprises a network of networks, and if one piece fails, the internet ... Read more >>
Since its development in 2009, cryptocurrency has been in the financial space as both a threat and an innovation to the business and economic scene. Budget investors have been swayed by the virtual monetary device... Read more >>
A non-solicitation agreement (or clause) is a contract (or its part) wherein an employee agrees not to solicit a company’s clients or customers, for his or her own benefit or for the benefit of a competitor, after ... Read more >>
More and more companies are employing non-disclose, non-compete, and/or non-solicitation agreements to protect their intellectual property, their client base, and their top employees.In today’s highly competitive ... Read more >>
Blockchain has already established its use cases in a number of worthy causes. Helping refugees, and reducing poverty in the developing world to name a few. Now, blockchain is also proving its value to vulnerable people closer to home. ... Read more >>
In the financial space, anything unregulated and unregistered would cause doubts and uneasiness. In the case of cryptocurrencies, such as bitcoin, financial regulators all over the world have started to find ... Read more >>
The most crucial asset for an entrepreneur and his business is certainly the information it holds. In business there are numerous reasons why you may want to share your confidential information with ... Read more >>
Legal Tech, also known as Legal technology, refers to the use of technology and software to provide legal services. Legal Tech companies are generally startups that perform their business activities in a way that is defying stereotypes of... Read more >>
In this article, we’ll look at why cryptocurrency is the future of electronic cash systems. Why it should become the most widely-used type of payment–and how this could impact the future of the global economy. ... Read more >>

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