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Gibraltar Goes Fintech: Next Destination - Hong Kong

Dec 13, 2017

Fintech sector takes over almost every facet of our lives now. Every company that deals with the financial matters is looking forward to use the newest technologies in their activities. Gibraltar is not an exception and its Minister of Commerce, Albert Isola, went on a trip with a delegation regarding the plans on innovations.

Hong Kong Fintech Week is an event where major financial service representatives from all over the world gather to discuss their cooperation. Gibraltar is the member of this week for the first time. Delegation represented desire for this jurisdiction to move into the Fintech sector.

The majority of the Albert Isola delegation were businessmen, executives, investors and even financial regulators. They performed a number of meetings and a reception to make some crucial agreements on the future deals. Gibraltar Fintech Offering is a plan that is to be implemented in the nearest future. On May 9, 2017, Gibraltar published a consultation paper, which consists of propositions about Fintech regulations. This is the first step to create special legal acts and start cooperation with other countries in this sector.

Business in Gibraltar will be able to use a new distributed ledger technology. For an offshore jurisdiction, this ability opens many doors as it will create a new way to store or transfer values belonging to others. A representative of financial services promotion agency of Gibraltar, Albert Isola himself and other representatives of business and regulators have also performed a number of meetings in other Asian countries regarding this matter.

After implementing the new plans and regulations, Gibraltar will become an even stronger offshore jurisdiction. If you are thinking of creating an offshore company, Offshorelicense Ltd is ready to help you with choosing the best time and organize all formal matters of this process.

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