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One...Two...Three...Brexit! The UK Takes Gibraltar Along

Jan 17, 2018

Many business representatives that have legal entities in Gibraltar are concerned about the consequences of Brexit process. Gibraltar has been a British Overseas Territory since early 1700s and the United Kingdom still makes or influences a majority of important decisions in the territory.

The Prime Minister of the UK, Theresa May, has previously assured that Gibraltar’s interests will be considered and represented during the negotiations of Brexit conditions. Even though most Gibraltarians voted to remain in the EU, the final decision was made by the UK. Spanish representatives, who also have an influence over Gibraltar, however, stated that Gibraltar is not included in Brexit negotiations.

We suppose that even Spain’s attitude will not affect future of Gibraltar until 2020. The UK Prime Minister also promised that every deal made with the EU for the future would include Gibraltar as well. The UK Minister in charge of the UK’s Brexit negotiations also confirmed this information.

These facts are reassuring everyone that doing business in Gibraltar remains safe and sound. Until the end of 2020, this territory will preserve all relations with the EU along by taking part in the negotiations. All future business agreements of the UK will make sure that Gibraltar’s economy, business sector and also society will not suffer from the inadequate conditions.

Offshorelicense Ltd is certain that your Gibraltar business can be developed under these circumstances. However, if there is a need to move or reorganize your company, we are always ready to assist.

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