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How did Brexit Affect Gibraltar Jurisdiction?

Dec 06, 2017

The official representatives of the UK marked Gibraltar Day in the early November by revealing British political plans for Gibraltar.Many businessmen began to reconsider their plans regarding Brexit. Stephen Barclay’s statement can put an end to all your doubts.

According to the statement, Gibraltar and the UK will not stop cooperation in any matters and will continue the development of the effective methods for work. Currently, the governments of the two countries are discussing creation of the double tax agreement between them. This might open a new opportunity in business cooperation between the countries. Brexit should also have no influence on current projects the UK and Gibraltar are working on. For example, there are online gaming projects in the process of discussion now.

It is also not a big secret that the UK and Gibraltar have a strong cooperation in the financial field. Motorist insurance is a very big part of economic cooperation of these countries. Authorized representatives of both countries confirmed that all legal and technical standards of the collaboration would be updated and changed according to the new rules. Formalization of Brexit will not affect Gibraltar’s access to the UK market and the only issue to decide will be the legislation and contracts between the two counterparties.

Considering this statement, Offshorelicense Ltd can confirm that your business in both, the UK and Gibraltar, is safe: it is only important to wait until situation will be solved fully and go on with your business matters.

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