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How Brokers in China Feel After the Website Blocks

... website restrictions** that occurred due to lack of information towards the financial regulator. Soon after the government **banned Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency exchanges**, followed by the bans of other trade platforms. It affected all FX and trading platforms without ICP certificates. Trading community stated that the access to brokers’ websites has been banned for more than a week al...

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How RootAnt Makes Brokerage in China Easier

Doing **brokerage business in China** can be a serious challenge for international companies. Due to the fact that the market is closed, it is hard to follow all legal requirements and at the same time earn traders’ trust. trading platform **RootAnt** is now one of the best services that allows international financial institutions localize in China. It is a combination of services for broke...

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Japan Exchange Regulation and Tokyo Stock Exchange Implementing AI Solutions

...etailed analysis of any suspicious cases. **Artificial intelligence will take the responsibility to identify and conduct primary analysis on trade operations. ** It has already been a year since JPX-R and TSE started testing AI services to secure trading platforms. They already have a base of fraud patterns, know possible ways of unfair trading and taught AI how to reveal/analyse them. After th...

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Too old for trading

...gender remains untouched. While European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA) banned certain products and imposed restriction on leverage, the **Japanese government has focused on the needs and profiles of investors**. One of Japanese online trading platforms (**GMO Click Securities) has outlined its “Age Policy”**. In accordance with this policy all people that are 81 years old or mor...

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