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Gibraltar criticizes Brexit Agreement Draft

Mar 14, 2018

The European Commission released the first post-Brexit agreement draft and Gibraltar’s government had great expectations of this withdrawal agreement due to its position towards the Brexit.

We have already informed you on this territory’s position, where 96 percent voted against leaving the European Union. At the same time, the United Kingdom promised its overseas territory any possible support during the transition period and after leaving the EU.

However, in the agreement, drafted by the European Commission, Spain has a veto over Gibraltar taking part in all future UK-EU relationships. This was one of the most unlike outcomes for Gibraltar. The official government position implies this agreement is an affront, which Gibraltar never deserved.

After the agreement release, Gibraltar’s government also declared plans to consult with the UK lawyers and, later, urge the UK government to include Gibraltar in any post-Brexit transition agreements. Considering the fact that the UK Parliament promised Gibraltar that they will not leave behind their overseas territory while dealing with the European Commission and drafting all withdrawal agreements.

Offshorelicense Ltd consultants are keeping our hand on the pulse of this situation. Currently, Gibraltar will take all possible measures to protect the territory and prevent discrimination from the European Union.

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