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Post-Brexit UK markets access for Gibraltar

Apr 02, 2018

There were dozens of articles about further plans of both the UK and Gibraltar after the UK announced Brexit. Lately, Gibraltar faced problems due to the EU plans on its territory and is still negotiating best terms for staying on the market.

Today we brought good news for the companies that provide financial services and online gaming businesses. These companies are guaranteed will have full access to the UK markets until 2020. This resolution was taken according to the countries mutual decision to work together during Brexit process.

In addition, in the next two years, Gibraltar and the UK pledged to work together on development and implementation of the newest legal regulations of such business. This means that the mentioned above companies will have the most up-to-date legislation on information policy, transparency and confidentiality. This decision will likely result in business growth in mentioned sectors: online gaming industry and financial services.

What other cooperation areas have been announced between the UK and Gibraltar? First, students obtaining higher education degrees will have some fee status for both countries. There should be mutual agreements concluded on such students rights. Second, according to the current reciprocal arrangement, sick people from Gibraltar can get elective treatment in the UK hospitals. These rules are valid and the citizens can use them freely to receive medical services.

Cooperative work on environmental matters does not stop as well. For now, there are relevant matters to fix or develop in Gibraltar ecological state. Cooperation will consist of informational policy, creating promotions for Gibraltar’s interest, working with scientists and other experts.

Basically, at the moment most important cooperation points between Gibraltar and the UK are now set out. Until 2020 cooperation will be going this way and we will keep you informed on later agreements or perspectives.

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