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Forex, Crypto and Offshore Industry News

Many countries that support international business had started to implement blockchain regulations during the last months. Malta is next in the line according to the plans ... Read more >>
The New Year has brought many news and amongst them is a publication of the World Commerce Review. The Isle of Man received very important nominations for its Aircraft ... Read more >>
Doing brokerage business in China can be a serious challenge for international companies. Due to the fact that the market is closed, it is hard to follow all legal requirements ... Read more >>
Financial sector business in the Cayman Islands is regulated by the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority (CIMA). Also, after the Revision of the Mutual Funds Law in 2015, the regulator ... Read more >>
Using virtual currencies is now a common practice between business representatives. Breadth of choice in the field of financial instruments makes regulators think of ... Read more >>
Many business representatives that have legal entities in Gibraltar are concerned about the consequences of Brexit process. Gibraltar has been a British Overseas Territory since ... Read more >>
The New Year has already brought the new regulations and rules in the international business world. We decided to start from the new rules in Gibraltar. The main financial regulator ... Read more >>
We have already informed you regarding the latest Chinese website restrictions that occurred due to lack of information towards the financial regulator. Soon after the government ... Read more >>
The buzz around the cryptocurrencies remains and we understand the mixed feeling about it. Many people still think it is just a bubble, whereas others believe that Bitcoin is ... Read more >>

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